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Who can get loans with ASNEF?

During these years of economic difficulties, many citizens have had many problems to pay their bills, so the data of more than one have ended up inscribed in files of unpaid debts like ASNEF, EXPERIAN or RAI, among others. Appearing on one of these delinquent lists prevents us from accessing bank loans, but some private companies can grant us loans with ASNEF if we meet minimum solvency requirements.

In general, in order to obtain a loan with unpaid debts registered in a defaulter file, it is essential to have sufficient income to repay the borrowed money, unless we can provide a specific asset (such as a house) as a guarantee, in which case it will be necessary to justify income. In addition, many companies also set other limits, such as that the registered debt does not exceed a certain amount (usually around € 1,000 or € 2,000) and does not come from another financial institution, although other companies will grant us loans with ASNEF, whatever the volume and origin of the debt.

The vast majority of loans with commercialized ASNEF are a personal guarantee, which means that we respond to the payment of the same with all our present and future assets. However, we can also get financing by being in a defaulter file with a mortgage secured loan or by pawning a good of value (such as a car), although in both cases we could lose the good as collateral if we do not reimburse the credit in the agreed way.

Will they charge me more for asking for loans with unpaid debts?

In any case. The companies that grant loans with ASNEF will never charge us more for being registered in a file of defaulters, although the risk of default they assume is higher. Accepting customer requests with this profile are just one more advantage of the many they offer, so it does not make the service more expensive. Therefore, the interest applied on one of these credits with ASNEF will always be the same, we are inscribed in a list of unpaid or not, and we will not be charged a commission or any other additional charge.

However, since this service is managed by private equity companies, the interest on these loans will generally be higher than that applied by banking entities. However, in rare cases, we will be charged opening or study fees and we will not have to contract other related products to access the financing. In addition, most of these loans are loans that are contracted through the Internet, so in general, we will not have to pay notary fees.

Purpose of the credits with ASNEF or RAI

As we have said, most loans for defaulters are private loans that can be obtained online, so they are ideal for solving small incidentals or emergencies that we do not have. Normally, these products are used for the following:

  • Settle unpaid debt to exit the file. We can contract these best debt consolidation programs to pay the debts. In this way, our history will be clean and we can access any financial service.
  • Pay fines or bills on time. These products can also be requested to pay the cost of a traffic ticket or to pay an unexpectedly high receipt.
  • Repair small domestic breakdowns. Another use that is usually given to loans for defaulters is to pay for the repair of small breakdowns, such as a flat tire, a broken pipe or a broken appliance.
  • To have liquidity in times of great expense. In times when we spend more money on the account, such as Christmas or holidays, these credits can help us get out of the way in case of economic hardship.

However, we should never use these products repeatedly or irresponsibly. His interest is quite high, so if we ask too often we can end up having serious problems of indebtedness. In addition, if we can not return the borrowed money within the term, we will apply a series of penalties for the delay that will make the credit even more expensive and worsen our economic situation.